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试译 凯西传记《生命之河》第二十一章 83-86   

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生命之河 83-86




ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS was born in Blooming Grove, Orange County, New York, on August 11, 1826. His father was a shoemaker; his mother, who died when he was young, was “one of those gentle beings whose supreme delight it is to mingle in scenes of sickness and sorrow, and to administer to the relief of suffering humanity.” The family was poor, and the parents were not inclined to consider education a necessity for their son; his formal schooling was limited to five months. He worked at various jobs from early boyhood, being employed for several summers as a cattle tender by a Mr. W. W. Woodworth, of Hyde Park. At the time the family was living in Hyde Park.

安德鲁·杰克逊·戴维斯 1826 年 8 月 11 日生于纽约奥兰治县(Orange County)布卢明格罗夫(Blooming Grove),父亲是一名鞋匠,在他小时候就过世了的母亲,是“那种以他人的离苦得乐而为自己最大快乐的贤惠女人”。他家很穷,父母也没意识到儿女教育的重要性,他仅上过五个月学。自幼童开始他就要打工,做过各种工作。有几个夏天,他为海德公园(Hyde Park)的伍德沃斯先生(W. W. Woodworth)家放牛,那时他就住在海德公园。

In september of 1838 father and son—the mother was then dead—moved to Poughkeepsie, where Mr. Davis set up a shoemaking shop and was assisted by Andrew. In 1841 Andrew went to work for Mr. Ira Armstrong, who reported to William Fishbough, the transcriber of the Davis Book, as follows:

1838 年 9 月,他母亲过世后,就随父亲搬到波基普西,戴维斯先生开了家鞋店,安德鲁做帮工。1841 年,安德鲁的雇主艾拉·阿姆斯特朗先生(Ira Armstrong)向威廉·菲斯伯格(William Fishbough),就是安德鲁这部著作的笔录者,透露了这样的一件事:


I had occasion for the services of a boy somewhat acquainted with the shoe trade, and employed him for a fortnight to assist me. During this time, I was so much pleased with his good sense and industry, that, upon his own solicitation and twell-proportionedhe wish of his father, I took him as an apprentice. His education barely amounted to a knowledge of reading, writing, and the rudiments of arithmetic. His reading was exceedingly limited, and confined to that of a light and juvenile description. During his two years of apprenticeship, he established a character for faithfulness and integrity not to be surpassed, and which is seldom equalled.



While Andrew was serving Mr. Armstrong, a lecturer on mesmerism came to town. He demonstrated on various members of the audience, but failed to have any success with Andrew. After the lecturer, a Mr. Grimes, had left, several local men began experimenting with the phenomenon. One, a tailor named William Levingston, had some success. One day Andrew wandered into Levingston's shop, and the tailor, remembering the Lecturer's failure, asked for permission to try his luck at magnetizing the boy. Andrew consented.

这期间有个“梅兹梅尔氏催眠术(mesmerism)”的讲师来到镇上,为许多听众做示范,唯独对安德鲁的催眠全无效果。这位人称格兰姆斯先生(Grimes)的讲师离开后,几个当地人做起了催眠实验,有位叫威廉·莱文斯顿(William Levingston)的裁缝做成功了几次。一天,安德鲁走进他的店铺,这位裁缝想起了那讲师曾搞不掂这个男孩,就问是否愿意让他来试试,安德鲁答应了。

The experiment was quite as successful as that of de Puysegur with Victor, the shepherd boy. Andrew fell into a deep trance and showed remarkable powers of clairvoyance. The experiment was repeated, the boy became a center of interest in Poughkeepsie, and “Mr. Levingston's house was for months the common resort of the curious who were indiscriminately invited to come and witness the experiments.”The boy was put to all sorts of tests, which he passed, but finally he said, while in a trance, that his powers were to be used to help the sick.


Thereafter Mr. Levingston took him about the countryside and built up a medical practice. Eventually the pair reached Danbury, Connecticut, and Bridgeport, in the same state. There they met Dr. S. S. Lyon, who “had previously been an unbeliever in clairvoyance, but the evidence of its truth, as presented in the case of young Davis, proved too powerful for him to resist; and under a deep conviction of its importance, he did not hesitate to render it his open encouragement, and to avail himself of the clairvoyant's advice in treatment of some difficult cases of disease then under his charge.”


That was in February, 1845. During the following May, Davis and Levingston met William Fishbough in Bridgeport. About the first of the following August the clairvoyant, having previously announced that he was to begin a series of readings on the cosmos and the destiny of man, chose Dr. Lyon as the conductor and Mr. Fishbough as the scribe. the readings were given in New York, and there were one hundred and fifty-seven of them in all, given between November 28, 1845, and January 25, 1847, a period of fourteen months. In the same year the results were published by Dr. Lyon and Mr. Fishbough.

那是 1845 年的 2 月。在接下来的 5 月,戴维斯和莱文斯顿在布里奇波特遇到菲斯伯格。大约到了 8 月,在里昂医生引导下,安德鲁开始了一系列关于宇宙人生的催眠解读,菲斯伯格先生负责记录。从 1845 年 11 月 28 日至 1847 年 1 月 25 日期间的这十四个月,在纽约总共做了 157 个解读。同年,菲斯伯格先生和里昂医生出版了这些解读报告。

Thus went the story of Andrew Jackson Davis, as told in Mr. Fishbough's introduction to The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations, and A Voice to Mankind.


Edgar, reading the small type, with Hugh Lynn peering over his shoulder, had a queer feeling. “This sounds so much like me it gives me the creeps,” he said.


They looked at the steel engraving of Andrew which occupied the frontispiece, and read Mr. Fishbough's description of his appearance.


“He is of ordinary stature, with a well-proportioned physical frame, possessing a bilious-sanguine temperament. His features are prominent, and his head is of the medium size, and very smoothly developed, especially in the frontal and coronal regions. The base of the brain is small, except in the region of the perceptives, which are prominent. The head is covered with a profusion of jet-black hair. The expression of his countenance is mild, placid, and indicative of a peculiar degree of frankness and benevolence; and from his eyes beam forth a peculiar radiance which we have never witnessed in any other person.”


Edgar stared at the steel engraving again. Andrew was dressed in the style of the period, with a bow tie and a satin-lapeled jacket. “He's a nice-looking lad,” he said. “Whatever became of him?”


“His career is remarkable,” Hugh Lynn said. He continued to give readings for thirty-five years after the appearance of this 782-page book. Then he decided to study medicine. When he was sixty years old he received his degree and began to practice.”

“他的职业生涯很了不起,”休林说。这本 782 页厚的书,说他持续做了 35 年的催眠解读。之后他决定学医,60 岁时拿到执照行起医来。”

Edgar was browsing through the book.


“How did he diagnose his patient's trouble after he became a doctor?” he asked.


“He made the usual inquiries,” Hugh Lynn said, “but he got most of his information by placing the tips of his fingers against the palm of the patient's hand. Apparently the mechanism of his clairvoyance had changed. He no longer had to go to sleep to become sensitive.”


“He touched the patient,”Edgar said. “That is psychometry.”


“He lived to be a very old man,” Hugh Lynn said. “He was eighty-four when he died. This was his first book, but he wrote many more. They are out of print and their author seems to have been forgotten except by students of psychic phenomena and a small group of enthusiasts. But I understand the group is growing. Perhaps Andrew is in for a revival.”

“他一直活到很老,”休林说,“他过世时 84 岁了。这是他的第一本著作,他写过许多,只是没拿去出版。除了心理学研究者和一小群业余爱好者,他似乎被遗忘了。我知道有个群体在发展壮大,也许安德鲁的名声正在复苏。”

Edgar went back to the steel engraving, staring at it.


“How did he do it?” he asked. “How often did he give his readings?”


“Twice a day,” Hugh Lynn said. “He used a magnetizer: that is, his conductor made passes at him; and he lay on his side while talking. Otherwise there seems to have been no difference between his method and yours.”


Edgar closed the book and ran his fingers over the worn, black cover. On the edge of the binding, in gold letters, was the legend, “Revelations & C. By A. J. Davis The Clairvoyant.”

爱德加合上书,抚摸着黑色封皮那些磨损了的地方。书脊用金字烫印着的,是一个传奇:“天启 & C,先知戴维斯著作”

Almost a hundred years ago some men had hoped to change the world with Davis and this book. Now the book was a collector's item, and Davis, though he had lived long, written much, and healed many, was all but forgotten.

差不多 100 年之前,有人曾经希望用戴维斯和他这本书去改变世界。现在,这本书只是藏书家的一件藏品,而戴维斯即便他活得够长,还写过很多,更治好了许多人,却还是被人们遗忘了。

“Well, at least you are not alone, Hugh Lynn said. “You have Andrew and Victor the shepherd boy, and hundreds of others whose cases have been recorded. But Andrew is most important, for the scientists will have to pay attention when they find that another man did precisely what you are doing, right here in America.”


Edgar shook his head.


“If you had this fellow and Victor the shepherd boy and me lined up in the same room,” he said, “and we all gave readings on the same case and agreed, and a doctor whom the scientists trusted went with them to the bedside of the sick man, and made a diagnosis, and said we were right, do you know what would happen? The scientists would hang the doctor as a fraud and a fake and run us out of town.”


He handed the book to Hugh Lynn and went back to his fishing.


“Let Andrew and Victor and me rest in peace,” he said.



In the fall of 1935, Edgar Evans Cayce entered Duke University, to take up the study of electrical engineering. Edgar and Hugh Lynn drove him to Durham, North Carolina, and while there went to see Dr. J. B. Rhine, of the Department of Psychology, who was then conducting his famous experiments in telepathy. They found him a pleasant person; he seemed interested in their story.

1935 年秋天,爱德加·爱文斯·凯西(Edgar Evans Cayce)进入杜克大学(Duke University)学习电子工程。爱德加和休林开车送他到北卡罗莱纳州(North Carolina)的达勒姆(Durham),顺道探访了心理学系的莱茵博士(J. B. Rhine),他正好在搞那著名的心灵感应实验。他们发现博士是个很好相处的人,他似乎对他们的故事很感兴趣。

The following March, Dr. Lucian H. Warner, acting as a special investigator for Duke, spent a week at the beach, listening to readings and getting a few himself. He was enthusiastic, and because of his report, Dr. Rhine in April secured a reading for his small daughter. He reported that the diagnosis did not seem to fit her condition, and his interest cooled.

次年 3 月,卢西安·华纳博士(Lucian H. Warner)作为杜克大学的特别调查员,在海滨呆了一个星期,旁听了一些催眠解读,更亲身试过。基于自己的报告,他十分期待 4 月莱茵博士会支持自己的小女儿做解读。而解读说这似乎不太合适,这让他兴致大减。

In June, Dr. Warner arranged for a series of readings to be given for Dr. Gardner Murphy, of the Department of Psychology of Columbia University in New York. The subjects were to be examined in New York while readings were given on them at the beach. The names and addresses were to be sent to the beach by special delivery letter, leaving New York the day before the reading.

6 月,华纳博士为纽约哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)心理学系的加德纳·墨菲博士(Gardner Murphy),安排做一系列的解读。受试者身处纽约,而解读是在海滨进行。姓名和地址会快递到海滨,在解读前的一天寄出。

Two letters were sent; two readings were given. Meanwhile Dr. Warner was taken ill and the work was turned over to one of Dr. Murphy's assistants, who sent no letters and made no reports on the readings given.


“I told you so,” Edgar said to Hugh Lynn.


Several of Dr. Warner's readings were on telepathy. He asked for a theory, and the information said it was a matter of soul development; that communication took place when two minds reached a state of consciousness above time and space. In such cases both perceived the same thing, with their subconscious minds-their individualities. One took it from his conscious mind; the other perceived it and transmitted it to his conscious mind.


Some were good receivers and poor senders, some were good senders and poor receivers. People attuned through love and understanding transmitted thought to one another without conscious knowledge of it.


Pathologically, the information explained, there were “eugenes,” that produced in the blood plasm vibratory rates that made reception and sending possible.


“What would be the pulse rate, the heartbeat, the vibratory forces of the body-influence itself?


“Those in which the ratio of cycles about each of the red corpuscles is one to three. Those whose body-vibratory forces are 87 7/10. Those having a pulse rate ranging the normal of 72 to 78 6/10.”

“那些红细胞循环率大概在一比三,那么他身体的振动力就是 87 又十分之七,脉搏就在 72 到 78 又十分之六之间这正常范围内。”

In December, 1935, the family had another brush with the law. They were visiting in Detroit, and Edgar gave a reading for one of his host's friends. The reading was for a little girl, but the girl's father had not been consulted in the matter. It was a violation of the association's bylaws, in fact, but the desire to help the child overcame this obstacle. The reading was given to the father, who took it to a doctor. The doctor disagreed on the treatment outlined; the father then went to the police. The family was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

1935 年 12 月,这家人又惹了官非。在底特律(Detroit),爱德加为旅馆老板的一个朋友的小女孩做解读,但这人根本没有跟女孩她爸商量过。这也违反了协会的章程,事实上是好心干了坏事。解读报告给了女孩父亲,他拿给医生看。医生并不认同,父亲便报了警。凯西这家人因无证行医而被捕。

The letter of the law had, in fact, been violated, but the law was reluctant in its prosecution. The charges against the other participants were dropped, Edgar was found guilty, and paroled in custody of himself. There was no sentence or fine.


The year 1935 was a lamentable one for the Cayces. In April, Gertrude's mother, Mrs. Evans, died. In November, Health Home Remedies was incorporated by some of the New York members of the association. Its function was twofold: to make available to members the mechanical appliances suggested so often in readings, and to manufacture and attempt to market nationally some of the remedies which over a period of years the information had specified for certain troubles. An office was opened in Norfolk and Tommy House was made manager.

凯西家在 1935 这年真的倒霉。4 月,格秋母亲埃文斯太太过世。11 月,纽约的一些会员开了间“家康药房(Health Home Remedies)”,做两种业务:为会员制造一些解读中经常提到的治疗器械,以及生产一些这么多年来“资源”为常见病配的药剂,并投放国内市场。为此,他们在诺福克开设了一个办事处,由“汤米公司(Tommy House)”打理。

The remedies selected for experimentation were Ipsab, a specific for bleeding gums and pyorrhoea, and Tim, an ointment for hemorrhoids. Readings were taken to perfect commercial formulae for these, and Tommy took the products to doctors and dentists for testing. He built wet cell and radioactive appliances for people for whom they were prescribed by readings, and kept reports on the results.

试制的药剂,有治牙龈出血化脓的 Ipsab,有痔疮膏 Tim,都是解读给出的完美配方。汤米将样品拿给医生去做测试。他依解读中的“医嘱”之需而建造电瓶和放射线器械,治疗结果存有报告。

It was uphill work, and trouble came from an unexpected source. People receiving first physical readings which suggested the use of one or more of the products of Health Home Remedies were inclined to suspect that it was all a racket—Health Home Remedies had all the appearance of a company set up to sell things recommended by the readings, at a profit to itself and the association.


Tommy discovered that the dental and medical organizations were in no hurry to give their approval to Ipsab and Tim, despite the long list of successful cases he had compiled. The corporation's funds dwindled; it sank into inactivity. The office was abandoned; Health Home Remedies became a sore subject with Hugh Lynn, who found himself forced to become a carpenter and chemist, building appliances for those who had to have them.

汤米发现,尽管他有一长串的成功案例汇总,医管机构并不急于批准他们的 Ipsab 和 Tim 上市。公司资金日渐紧张,经营陷入困境,办事处被撤销了。“家康药房”让休林头疼不已,他发现自己已经被迫成了一个木匠和一个化学家,不得不要去配药,动手去造所需的器械。

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The cellar of the Cayce house became a laboratory. Tommy, who was preparing to return to Hopkinsville, showed his cousin how to build the batteries.


“The ingredients in this wet cell appliance cost a little over $18,” he said. “By the time you've shipped it, the cost is $19. If you get paid, the price is $20. You get a dollar, maybe, for your labor.”

“这种电瓶的材料费是 18 美元多一点,”他说。“加上运费,成本就是 19 元,再加上利润,要卖到 20 元。你的付出,大概就值一块钱。”

“No wonder the corporation went broke,” Hugh Lynn said.


“Most people complain about the price,” Tommy said. “They say it's too high. I explain that we only make a few appliances, as a convenience to members, and the ingredients are expensive when bought in small quantities.”


“What do they say to that?” Hugh Lynn asked.


“They say the price is too high,” Tommy said.


Hugh Lynn picked up a hammer.


“We're learning,” He said.


“Learning what?” Tommy said.


“Not to make mistakes,” Hugh Lynn said.


He swung the hammer and hit one of his fingers.



The years whirled on. Hugh Lynn's files bulged with case histories, parallel studies in psychic phenomena and research readings given for the study groups. Still the scientists showed no interest. Those who came to discuss, to argue, to learn were those already convinced of clairvoyance, of reincarnation, of karma. Some of these were psychologists by profession; a few were psychiatrists; but they were careful to keep such private beliefs out of their professional theory and practice.


“The time isn't ready for people as a whole to believe such things,” Hugh Lynn told his father one day. “But I'm convinced that it will arrive before too long. Our job is to be ready for it.”


Edgar agreed. “When the time comes, they will approach us,” he said. “But remember this. We don't want people marching in here and saying, ‘All right. I'm ready. Prove this thing to me.’ We want people who come in humility and with good manners, and say, ‘I'd like to know what this is all about. Will you teach me?’ Our job is to have something ready for those people.”


Gradually Hugh Lynn realized that the best evidence of the consistency of the readings lay in the records of families whose members for many years had used Edgar as a family doctor. Frank Mohr's family was one of these: his niece, her husband, and their child had all had readings. Dave Kahn's family was another. His mother was kept alive, active, and without pain for seventeen years after the readings—which prescribed her treatments all this time—had agreed with the doctors that she was suffering from an incurable disease. Dave's sisters and brothers, their children and his, all were treated by readings. When Dave's youngest son fell and thrust the blades of a pair of scissors into his eye the readings outlined treatments that were accurately and successfully followed, so that the cataract which formed was absorbed.

休林逐渐意识到,爱德加如同家庭医生那样,为一个家族长年持续做解读所积累的报告,就是最好的证明。弗兰克·摩尔(Frank Mohr)家族是其中之一:他的侄女、她的丈夫和他们的孩子,都做过解读。大卫·卡恩家族又是一例,他母亲得了不治之症,有七年时间,在医生的准许下,她一直依解读治疗而活得积极乐观,没有痛苦。大卫的兄弟姐妹、他们的孩子、他本人都做过解读并依之而行。当大卫的小儿子摔倒被剪刀插到眼睛,解读准确为他给出治疗方案,成功处治之后,没有造成白内障。

Perhaps the best family record was that of the houses—Carrie, Dr. House, and Tommy. Since the collapse of Health Home Remedies, Tommy had lived in Hopkinsville. He married a Virginia Beach girl, and a daughter, Caroline, was born to them in September, 1939. When Caroline was scarcely a year old she pulled a pan of boiling water from the stove and emptied it over herself. Tommy telephoned Edgar, and an emergency reading was given immediately. The treatments were followed and Caroline escaped without a scar and without damage to her eye, which at first seemed badly affected.

也许最有说服力的记录,是嘉莉(Carrie)、豪斯(House)医生和汤米(Carrie)这家族。自从“家康药房”倒闭以来,汤米住在霍普金斯威尔,娶了一个弗吉尼亚海滨的姑娘,1939 年 9 月他们生了女儿卡罗琳(Caroline)。不满一岁的卡罗琳拉倒了炉子上的锅,被开水烫着。汤米紧急电召爱德加来做解读。治疗过后,卡罗琳没留疤痕,眼睛也没事。而在开始时,她看上去很吓人。

When she was almost two Caroline began to stammer, and had consistent trouble in digesting her food. A reading said she had been slightly injured in a fall: there was pressure in the area of the second, third, and fourth cervicals. Osteopathic treatments, massage, diet, and an eliminant were prescribed. On September 30, 1941, Tommy wrote to edgar:

卡洛琳快两岁时,发现她说话结巴,并有持续的消化不良。解读说,她是在一次跌倒时受的轻伤:第二、第三、第四节颈骨处受过撞击,开出了整骨疗法、按摩、节食、泻药。1941 年 9 月 30 日,汤米致信爱德加:

“Just a note to tell you that we received Caroline's reading and have started the treatments. Dr . B—— has had some trouble getting Caroline to be still long enough to give her a complete treatment, but nevertheless she is responding nicely thus far. Her stuttering is very much improved, but she is still bothered with a bronchial condition which causes considerable coughing. Her general condition has improved a lot.”

“谨致短信告知您,我们收到卡洛琳的解读后开始治疗。B 医生在给卡洛琳一个足够长的完整疗程时,遇到过一些麻烦,但到目前为止,她反应很好,口吃改善了很多,但支气管仍有问题,咳嗽得利害。她整体上好很多了。”

Another valuable source of evidence was the daily mail.


An average day's mail, chosen at random from the files for September, 1941, produced letters from the following:

从中随机抽出这几封 1941 年 9 月的来信,寄自:

A young woman, in Washington, D. C., who was cured by the readings of lead poisoning caused by a depilatory (since removed from the market by the Bureau of Pure Foods and Drugs). She had been overworking, felt tired, and asked for a check reading.


A woman in Pittsburgh who became interested in the work because of her studies of symbology. She obtained a physical reading, and was writing to check up on the connections for a mechanical appliance, to be certain she had made them correctly.


The mother of a girl in Dayton, Ohio, who was cured of a complicated attack of arthritis, the treatments lasting five years. The mother, taking treatments for a certain ailment, reported general progress, but the recurrence of a specific pain. She quoted a letter from her daughter, who, away on a vacation, was frightened by a snake and “jumped at least eight feet.” She asked for a reading for her own mother, a woman of eighty.

俄亥俄州代顿一个女孩的母亲治好了一种难治的关节炎。治疗持续了五年,这位母亲说她的病好多了,但反复有某种疼痛。引述她女儿的一封信,说去度假时被蛇吓得“至少跳开八尺”的,是她自己 80 岁的母亲。

The wife of a naval officer who met Edgar while she was living in Norfolk, and who had had some readings. Now living in New London she wrote to say she had formed a study group there and wanted a physical reading for a friend.

一个海军军官的妻子,她住诺福克(Norfolk)时遇到爱德加,做过一些解读,现在住新伦敦市(New London),她在那组织了一个学习小组,并请求为她的一个朋友做身体解读。

A young lady in New Hampshire, who verified an appointment for a physical reading. She sent the name and address of the doctor who had agreed to co-operate in giving the treatments.

新罕布什尔州(New Hampshire)的一位年轻的女士预约做一次身体解读,她将已答应会协助她治病的医生的姓名和地址寄来。

A man in Darien, Connecticut, whose daughter had received a check reading a few days before. He reported that she was out of pain, and improving rapidly.

康涅狄格州达连(Darien, Connecticut)的一位男士的女儿几天前收到一份检查解读。他说她不疼了,好的真快。

A man in Washington, D. C., who asked for a copy of the Congress Bulletin. His mother, for whom physical readings had been given, was feeling better.


A young woman in Boston, Massachusetts, whose Life Reading had caused her to change careers, to her happiness. She asked for a Life Reading for a younger brother, who “is all mixed up.”

马萨诸塞州波士顿(Boston, Massachusetts)的一位年轻女士,生命解读说她要转行才有幸福。她请求为自己一个“什么都搞混了”的弟弟做生命解读。

A man in Delaware, Ohio, who had been referred to Edgar by a certain doctor. He asked for a physical reading for his wife.

俄亥俄州特拉华(Delaware, Ohio)的一位男士听某位医生提到爱德加,来信请求给自己妻子做身体解读。

A couple in New York, who, on the verge of divorce, decided to give marriage another chance after a joint reading. They announced that a baby was on the way.


A woman in Roanoke, Virginia, who had received her first physical reading. She reported her pleasure at the diagnosis. She had been suffering for years; the reading promised relief.

弗吉尼亚罗阿诺克(Roanoke, Virginia)的一位女士收到她第一份身体解读后,说她很高兴有此诊断。她病痛多年,解读让她安心了。

A lady in Guilford, Connecticut, who asked for literature concerning the work.

康涅狄格州吉尔福德(Guilford, Connecticut)的一位女士问她自己文献方面的工作。

A man in Youngstown, Ohio, who canceled an appointment for a physical reading and set a new date.

俄亥俄州扬斯敦(Youngstown, Ohio)的一位男士取消了身体解读的预约,另定一个日子。

There was also a telegram from Dave Kahn, saying that he was in Washington on business and would be at the beach next day for a visit.


The daily mail was Edgar's particular delight. It was proof, to him. that “here a little, there a little, thought upon thought, line upon line, stone upon stone,” his work did not fail, and that, as a reading once told him, “Every sincere try is counted to you for righteousness.” This, with the work of the association, which makes it possible for those who are interested to participate in a spiritual labor, was the answer to his dreams: the city of healing had arisen, but it was built by hearts, not hands. He understood that.



The activities of the association have remained, in accordance with the plan adopted in 1931, unostentatious and unpublicized, even to the meetings of the congress. Members raised a building fund for an office, library and vault, and these were erected in 1940, but they were incorporated into a single unit which was added to the Cayce residence, and there is not even a sign to guide the visitor to them.

协会的活动,就算是代表大会,仍按 1931 年制定的方案,私底下低调进行。1940 年,协会成立了一个基金筹建写字楼、图书馆和地下储藏室。但他们只在凯西住所的一个单间里办公,那里甚至连一个引导访客的标志牌都没有。

The new building is a monument to the sincerity of the study groups and the perseverance of the family in its effort to justify the readings. It was paid for by small contributions: nickels, dimes, and quarters, piling up over a long period of time. Some of the groups contributed their dues; other groups voted, as individuals, to give a percentage of their salaries and wages over a certain period of time. Edgar worked as a carpenter on the job; he hung the doors and windows, painted the exterior and interior, and laid the walk leading to the entrance.

新大楼就是学习小组诚心诚意的最好注脚,也是为那些努力为解读作证的家庭“立的一方纪念碑”。它的建造资金来自小额捐款:5 美分、10 美分、25 美分,这些硬币堆了很长的一段时间。有团体贡献出会费,有组织呼吁其成员将自己收入的一部分,持续地捐献出来。爱德加一直把自己当成木工去造门窗,粉刷内墙外墙,铺设过道。

In the library the local groups hold their meetings. One of which gathered on Tuesday nights, studied the Bible, with Edgar as teacher. It began with six students, and soon increased to thirty.


The association has an average membership of between five and six hundred. There is a turnover of about half of these from year to year; the other half remains as a solid basis for the association's research work: an audience for the case studies, pamphlets, bulletins, and the Congress Bulletin, a combined yearbook and record of the speeches and readings given at the annual meetings. There is a mailing list of several thousand people who are interested in anything that pertains to Edgar. They never forget him, apparently. Hugh Lynn discovered that among the six hundred readings during a certain year, forty-three were for people whose first reading had been obtained five years previously, thirteen were for people whose first reading had been obtained ten years previously, six were for people whose first reading had been obtained fifteen years previously, and eight were for people whose first reading had been obtained twenty years previously.

年均会员数维持在五、六百之间,约半数是长年会员;另一半仍是协会研究工作的坚实力量:个例分析、小册子、公报、大会通报、综合年鉴、演讲记录,以及年会上做的解读。而在邮件列表中,有几千人对爱德加的东西感兴趣。很明显,他们从未忘记过他。休林发现,在某一年的 600 次解读中,有 43 次是为五年前入会的会员做的;13 次是为十年前入会的会员做的;6 次是为十五年前入会的会员做的;8 次是为二十年前入会的会员做的。

One day late in the summer of 1941, Edgar received a telephone call from a man in New York. He did not recognize either the voice or the name.

1941 年夏天的一天,爱德加接到一个纽约男士打来的电话,他认不出这把声音,更想不起他的名字。

“I'm the fellow in the bank in Dayton, who lent you a hundred dollars in 1924,” the man said. “remember me now?”

“我是你在代顿(Dayton)的银行时的同事,1924 年我借给你 100 块钱,”男士说,“记起我了吧?”

“Very well,” Edgar said.


“I'm not after the money,” the man said. “You paid that. But I'm in trouble, and I want a reading.”


Members of the association are drawn from all of the Protestant churches; from the Roman, Greek, Syrian, and Armenian Catholic churches; from the ranks of Theosophy, Christian Science, and Spiritualism; and from many of the Oriental religions. Acceptance of the readings, of course, implies acceptance of Christianity, since the dominant note of all philosophical and moral disquisitions by the readings is the Christ pattern as the ideal of mankind.

协会会员来自各个新教教会,他们有罗马、希腊、叙利亚、亚美尼亚天主教教会的,有搞通神的,有搞招魂术的,有基督教科学派,还有许多是信奉东方宗教的。接受解读,当然也意味着他们接受基督教,因为一切有关哲学和道德的专题解读所得出的要点,就是基督对人类理想生活的“授记”(Christ pattern)。

“If it makes you a better member of your church. then it's good; if it takes you away from your church, it's bad,” Edgar told a new member of one of the study groups, who asked him whether a belief in the readings would affect her position as a member of one of the Protestant churches.


Hugh Lynn's program has not been entirely fulfilled. To complete his evidence he needs sponsored readings on specific diseases and conditions, taking them generally, without reference to a particular patient. The budget of the association is so small that there is no margin for a series of readings on cancer, old age, heart ailments, asthma, etc. The readings must be sold to maintain sufficient income; only by selling such a series to a sponsor could it be got. There are sponsors available, but in view of the hopelessness of the task of convincing doctors that a remedy suggested by the readings might be efficacious, they prefer to investigate such subjects as the life of Christ before His ministry, the symbology of the Book of Revelation, and the story of the world before history began.


In the field of philosophy and metaphysics there is need for an extensive system of cross-indexing and checking, to match what the readings say against what has been said by theologians, heretics, and teachers of religion and morals in all countries and at all times. The readings have been as democratic in this respect as in medicine: “Wherever the Law of One has been taught, there truth has lived.”


It is a stern set of ethics that emerges from the readings. No lukewarm embracing of theological virtues will satisfy them. They insist on perfection as the goal, and every misstep must be every injury undone, every injustice rectified. The newer, lenient interpretations of Christianity are not tolerated. Marriage, for instance, is treated as the Roman Catholic Church treats it, though the readings give a different reason for this attitude from that of the church fathers. “Work it out now,” say the readings, “or you will have to meet it later.” Only in extreme circumstances, similar to those under which the Catholic Church grants annulment, do the readings advise divorce. Then one of the parties is usually hopelessly at fault, while the other is bearing an unreasonable burden. Usually the reading will say, speaking of the one who is attempting to co-operate and hold things together, “This has been met by the entity; the debt is paid.”


The art of living that has emerged from the readings has one great danger. It attracts only those who are ready to measure up to an ideal path of existence, but it offers these same people the temptation of a new religious organization, a new philosophical system. Against this the readings continually warn. The end toward which they should all work is not something new and select, but something old and universal: this is the sum and burden of their labor. In the words of a reading:


“The ideals and purposes of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., are not to function as another schism or ism. Keep away from that! For these warnings have been given again and again. Less and less of personality, more and more of God and Christ in dealings with the fellow man.


“To be sure, those phases of the activity of the association in the material plane, must take concrete evidence and present concrete evidence of its being grounded in mental and spiritual truth. But not that it is to build up any organization that is to be as a schism or a cult or ism, or to build up money or wealth or fame, or position, or an office that is to function in opposition with any already organized group.


“How did thy Master work? In the church, in the synagogue, in the field, in the lakes, upon the sands and the mountains, in the temple! And did He defy those? Did He set up anything different? Did He condemn the law even of the Roman, or the Jews, or the Essenes, or the Sadducees, or any of the cults or isms of the day? All, He gave, are as ONE . . . under the law! And grudges, schisms, isms, cults, must become as naught; that thy Guide, the Way, the Master, yea even Christ . . . as manifested in Jesus of Nazareth . . . may be made known to thy fellow man!

“主是如何工作的呢?就在教堂,在犹太会堂,在田野,在湖泊,在沙滩,在山岭,在庙宇!主蔑视的是什么?主搞分别吗?主谴责罗马的律法吗?犹太人、艾赛尼派、撒都该人被主谴责过吗?主哪一天谴责过邪教或什么主义?作为唯一的主,祂的告诫全是 . . . 依律法!必须放下怨恨、放下分裂、放下主义、解散邪教;这就是指南、是道路 . . . 是大师甚至基督 . . . 拿撒勒的耶稣所表现的 . . . 可知道,都是你的同胞啊!

“So, in thy considerations, seek ye to know more and more of how each organization has its counterpart bodily, mentally, spiritually, and guidance may be given thee.


“Ye have an organization then with a physical being, with a mental being, with a spiritual concept. And only that which is not merely idealistic but in keeping with God's, Christ's precepts, Jesus' anointings, may be that which may grow and become as a living thing in the experience, in the bodies, in the minds; yea to the very awareness of the souls of men whom such a group, such an organization would serve.


“In the bodily functioning, then, the activities are to have due and proper consideration, to be sure. But let each phase of the work present how not only mentally but spiritually there is a grounding in truth, as is set forth in the Christ-consciousness as exemplified by Jesus, as has been proclaimed by many of the saints of old.


“And then ye may be very sure that all of those influences from the spiritual realm are one. For whether it be as ye have seen at times, the Lord of the Way or the Christ Himself as Jesus, or others be sent as an aid, depends upon whether ye hold that ideal that is One with the Universal Truth for and to man.”



原文版权归 The Association for Research and Enlightenment, P.O.Box 595, Virginnia Beach, Virginia 23451 所有。

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