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试译 凯西传记《生命之河》第二十二章 87-88   

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生命之河 87-88




THROUGH the 1930's Edgar Cayce lived quietly. Each day there were a few visitors, but they were part of the pattern; without them he would have been lonely. Except for his journey to church each Sunday and an occasional visit to the movies or the barbershop, he stayed at home working in his garden, fishing, or manufacturing something in the shop he built for himself behind the garage.

20 世纪 30 年代,爱德加·凯西过着平静的生活。每天来的几个访客,已成了他生活的一部分,缺了他们,他会感到孤独。除了每周日上教堂,偶尔去看个电影或理个发,他都呆在家里,打理花园钓钓鱼,或在自己车库后面的工坊里做点什么。

Each day he got up early and watched the sun rise out of the ocean. By its light he read the Bible. Usually he got his own breakfast, because he preferred his own version of coffee—hot, black, and strong. When weather permitted he worked outside until the mail came. His garden was extensive and he had a green thumb; anything would grow for him, in profusion. As a fisherman he was average. There was no magic in his rod, but the little lake behind the house was so well stocked with fish that he always caught a few. In late summer he engaged in his hobby of canning and preserving. By September the cellar shelves were crowded with the products of his art, but by spring he had given most of them away; his hand was prodigal with those he loved. The families he held in highest esteem received an example of his ultimate skill, a jar of branded peaches. The morning mail arrived about ten, and when it was read the first reading of the day was taken. Afterward he worked at his typewriter, answering letters. Lunch was at one. Usually it was a light meal. When it was finished he returned to the typewriter and stayed there until he was caught up with his correspondence. When the afternoon reading was finished he went out to fish, to work in the garden, or to spend a few hours at his carpenter's bench. Dinner was at six, and he ate heartily, finishing with a cup of the same hot, black, strong coffee with which he had begun the day. In the evening he read a newspaper, listened to the radio, and played double solitaire or Russian bank with Gertrude. At eleven they listened to the news bulletins; then they went to bed. When there were visitors he talked with them in the long living room that faced the ocean and ended against an old-fashioned fireplace. If they came with troubles, he listened and did his best to give them hope; if they were to have readings, he told them stories that gave them faith in the information they were about to receive. They did not come in great numbers, but there was a steady trickle: the crippled, the malformed, the defective, the hopelessly ill, the nervously sick. Often they returned when they were well, and those were the times when he was happiest; then he listened to their stories of what the readings could do.

他每天早早起床,到海边看日出,在晨光下读《圣经》。他通常自个儿吃早餐,因为他喜欢浓浓的热斋啡。如果天气允许,他会在室外干活,直到有信送来。他的大花园里有个绿色的大拇指,什么东西都被他打理得生机勃勃。钓鱼的功夫还过得去,他的钓杆并无魔法,却总能钓上几条,因为房子后面的湖里,常年都有很多的鱼。他在夏季末段的爱好是腌制和装罐,9 月,地窖货架上摆满了他的手艺,到来年春天,就都被他送得七七八八了。他的手艺带着满满的爱意,譬如一罐他拿手腌制的桃子,就是对自己家人的最高敬意。每天早上大概会收到十封信,一天的解读就从拆信开始,随后他用打字机回信。一点钟午饭,通常是个便餐。饭后他就回到打字机旁,将信都回了。下午的解读做完之后,他会去钓鱼,在花园干点活,或去做他的木工。六点钟晚饭,他会吃得津津有味,同样会来杯浓浓的热斋啡。晚上他会看看报纸听听广播,和格秋打打牌,听完十一点新闻后就上床睡觉。如有客人来访,他们就在面朝大海的长长客厅里聊天,尽头有个老式的壁炉。若是带着困惑而来的,他会认真聆听并尽力给他们希望。如果来客要做解读,他会跟他们讲些建立信心的故事。他们不会蜂拥而来,却从未间断过,有残废的,有畸形的,有缺陷的,无药可医的,病情紧急的,他们往往好了之后会高高兴兴地再来,他会聆听他们的故事,看看解阅都做了些什么。

A listener to all of these tales was Polly, an ancient parrot full of wickedness and noise, who served a long term in the Navy and was given to Edgar by a friend. Polly was unmannerly. Often she would punctuate someone's tall tale with “Tsk, tsk,” or whistle a long sigh of relief when a particularly tedious yarn was ended. She was devoted to her master, and never interrupted him.


Whistling was her accomplishment; she whistled at all sailors who passed, and at most pretty girls, sometimes throwing in a leering “Helloooo!” at the latter. She imitated any whistling she heard; association with Hugh Lynn provided her with a large repertoire of popular songs, which she faithfully reproduced, off key and out of tune. Occasionally she was allowed to leave her cage on the porch and enjoy the freedom of the living room. Once, on an autumn day, she flew into the large armchair by the fireplace and went to sleep.


It was dusk, Edgar was upstairs, and no lights were turned on. Two men came to the door and asked to see Mr. Cayce. They had heard something about him and wanted to find out exactly what he did. Gertrude showed them into the living room. They sat at the far end, which was still illuminated by daylight. At the other end, in the shadows, Polly was aroused from her nap by the noise.


“What do you want?” she said sharply.


Edgar came down the stairs just as the men were going out the front door. He reassured them, turned on the lights, and put Polly back in her cage.


His other pets were two canaries, whose cage was in his office, far from Polly. They often sang during the readings, but it seemed to please rather than disturb him. For a while there was a big rabbit in the back yard, the gift of a friend, but one day a lame boy came to get a reading, and when he left he carried the rabbit with him.


Each summer Carrie came for a visit, and usually Tommy, his wife, and their daughter Caroline accompanied her. Edgar's sisters came, too, and friends in New York, Washington, Selma, and other places made a habit of spending their vacations at Virginia Beach. The squire died on april 11, 1937, while on a visit to one of his daughters in Nashville, Tennessee. He was buried at Hopkinsville, by the side of his wife. After the funeral Edgar went to the old farm for a visit, and walked through the woods until he came to the bend in the creek at the willows. There he said a prayer for his mother and father.

每年夏天,凯莉都会来探访,汤米和妻子带着女儿卡洛琳常陪她一道来。爱德加的妹妹也会来。纽约、华盛顿、塞尔玛和其他地方的朋友来弗吉尼亚州海滨市渡假已是一种习惯。有位乡绅去探望他在田纳西州纳什维尔(Nashville, Tennessee)的一个女儿时,在 1937 年 4 月 11 日去世,埋葬在霍普金斯威尔他妻子的墓地旁。 葬礼过后,爱德加去到旧农场。他穿过树林,来到柳树湾,拜祭他的父母。

In June, 1939, Edgar Evans was graduated from Duke. He accepted a position with the Virginia Electric Power Company in Norfolk and lived at home. During that summer the family was happier, more united, than ever before. The association was growing steadily, and gaining strength. Plans were drawn for a new wing for the house, to contain a library and a set of offices. Construction was begun in 1940 and completed in 1941. In September of that year the building was dedicated, and the first reading was given in Edgar's office, a sunlit room overlooking the lake.

1939 年 6 月,爱德加·爱文斯从杜克大学毕业,到诺福克的弗吉尼亚电力公司(Virginia Electric Power Company)工作,并住回家里。那个夏天,一家子乐也融融,比以往更加亲近。协会在稳步成长,发展壮大,1940 年开始新建一座用作图书馆和办公室的侧楼,于 1941 年建成,9 月交付使用。爱德加在他这可以俯瞰湖面、阳光充沛的新办公室里做了第一次解读。

Twenty-two years before, when President Woodrow Wilson was in Paris setting up the machinery for the League of Nations, a reading had said: “Christ will sit with the American delegation at Versailles. If the purpose for which its leader has gone there is accomplished, the world will experience a millennium. If it is not accomplished, there will be another and greater world war, which will make the one just ended seem small. It will begin about 1940, and the same forces will begin the trouble.” It was not an extraordinary forecast; men with no psychic powers whatever made the same prediction, and were accurate even about the year in which the conflict would begin. But now in September, 1939, the battle had been joined. An increasing number of people came for readings, or requested them by mail. Early in 1941 Edgar Evans entered the army as a private. Later he became an officer and eventually rose to the rank of captain. Virginia Beach became the site of two Army camps, and the Navy, strongly entrenched in Norfolk even in peacetime, mushroomed until its units were distributed throughout Princess Anne County. Hugh Lynn supervised Virginia Beach's program of recreation for soldiers until the United Service Organization was able to take over. He then joined the special services division of the army, and with General Patton's tanks followed the war to its end in Germany.

22 年前,威尔逊(Woodrow Wilson)总统在巴黎建立“国际联盟(League of Nations)”,那时做的一次解读指出:“基督就在凡尔赛,就在美国代表团身边。如果其领导人有心达成目标,人类将会迎来一个幸福的千禧年,否则还会有比刚结束的那场世界大战更大的战争,大约会在 1940 年发生,同样是那股势力在制造麻烦。”这并非是个神预测,一般人都能准确预测,甚至知道发生冲突的时间点,因为在 1939 年 9 月的此刻,战争已经爆发,越来越多的人跑来,或来信要求做解读。1941 年初,爱德加·爱文斯自愿参军,他后来成为一名军官,最后升到上尉军阶。弗吉尼亚州海滨市遗下两个空空的军营。即使在和平时期,海军在诺福克筑有坚固的防御壕沟,远至安妮公主郡,这样的设施星罗棋布。休林负责士兵在弗吉尼亚州海滨市的消遣活动,直到“劳军联合组织(United Service Organization,USO)”接管之后,他参军加入特别事务司。德国大战结束后,他跟随巴顿将军的坦克部队。

Both boys married, Hugh Lynn in 1941, Edgar Evans in 1942. By the end of 1943 Edgar had two grandsons. Hugh Lynn's son, Thomas Taylor Cayce, was born in October, 1942. His cousin, Evans Cayce, appeared a year later. Both boys came to visit their grandfather every day, while their fathers were overseas.

两个儿子都成家了,休林在 1941 年结婚,爱文斯晚一年,到 1943 年底爱德加有了两个孙子。休林的儿子托马斯·泰勒·凯西(Thomas Taylor Cayce)生于 1942 年 10 月,堂弟爱文斯·凯西(Evans Cayce)晚一年出生。爸爸在海外为国效力的时候,两个小家伙每天都来看爷爷。

In March, 1943, the first edition of There Is a River appeared. The mail began to mount and the telephone rang incessantly. The office force had to be increased and the mailman finally was unable to carry the stacks of letters. Gertrude had to go to the post office and bring them back in the car. With Hugh Lynn gone Edgar had to take over the job of examining the letters and dictating answers to them. The pattern of his day changed drastically. He lengthened his sleeping periods every morning and afternoon, and gave from four to six readings a day instead of two.

1943 年 3 月,《生命之河》(There Is a River)第一版发表后,信件蜂拥而至,电话铃响个不停,办公室不得不增加人手。邮差加派,最后信都来不及派送了,格秋不得不开车上邮局将信件运回来。休林参军之后,爱德加自己读信复信。一天,情况发生了很大的改变,他上下午的催眠时间都延长了,每天解读四到六次,而不是以前的两次。

His hobbies were forgotten, his garden neglected. The bass in the lake jumped flirtatiously, but he had no time for them. Immediately after breakfast he began dictating, and this continued until it was time for the reading. Frequently he remained asleep for two hours, until 12:30. Lunch was at one. The afternoon was devoted to the mail. After the second reading period the list of applications was examined and appointments were made. If there was time left before dinner it was used for dictating, and after dinner work continued until 9:30 or 10. From June, 1943, to June, 1944, 1,385 readings were given. By August, 1944, the strain was so great that Edgar collapsed. He rallied his strength to give a reading for himself. Its instructions were simple and to the point. He was to go away and rest. For how long? “Until he is well or dead. ” he went to the mountains of Virginia, to Roanoke. Gertrude went with him. For a time he seemed to improve. He wrote letters to friends; he was cheerful about the future and full of plans for the expansion of the association after the war. In September he suffered a stroke.

他忘了自己的嗜好。花园荒废,鱼儿在湖里活蹦乱跳,他实在没时间去管这些。吃过早饭他就要读信,然后做两小时催眠解读,一直到十二点半。一点钟午饭,下午处理信件,第二次解读过后,他要为预约排期。晚饭前如果有多余的时间,他就做口述。晚饭后继续干到九点半十点。从 1943 年 6 月到 1944 年 6 月,他做了 1385 次解读。到了 1944 年 8 月,爱德加被如此之大的压力击垮了,他强打精神坚持做解读。有个指示简单明了:他要停下来休息。要休息多久?“直到恢复过来,或等他死掉。” 他去了弗吉尼亚州山里的罗阿诺克(Roanoke),有格秋陪着。待了一段时间之后,他看上去好些了。他写信给朋友,说自己很快乐,对未来充满期盼,战后就将协会搞大。可是到了九月,他中风了。

He came home in November, riding through the autumn-stained countryside where his ancestors fought against Cornwallis. In the house on Arctic Crescent he lay in his bed, looking out on the lake and the ocean. At 7:15 o'clock on the evening of January 3, 1945, he passed away. A few hours before, rousing from a sleep, he said: “How much the world needs God today.” He was buried in Hopkinsville, in the family plot.

十一月,他乘车回家,穿过染满秋色的乡村,那是他的祖先在独立战争对抗康沃利斯(Cornwallis)的地方。回到阿提科仙(Arctic Crescent)的家,他躺在自己床上,凝视着大海湖泊。1945 年 1 月 3 日傍晚七点一刻,他离开人世。几个小时前,他从睡梦中醒来,说:“今天,这世界多么需要神啊。 ” 他被安葬在霍普金斯威尔的家族墓地里。

Three months later Gertrude was laid beside him. She died on Easter Sunday at sunrise. Thus ended the love story which almost half a century before had begun on a summer night when the world was a flower-strewn field, and the future was young in their arms.



With the death of Edgar the work of the association began in earnest. In the files at Virginia Beach are 30,000 readings. No other psychic has left so long and so large a record of his power. The research staff, extracting from them what is of interest to the sciences and professions, and what is helpful for people in general, has reached only the letter B. To complete the work, to adequately classify and judge the material in its various categories, and to integrate and formulate the theory and metaphysic that underlie the structure of the phenomena will take a generation. The results are being released as they are secured through the association publications, and the member, whose number continues to increase, are the recipients weekly and monthly of the essence of everything that issued from the subconscious of Edgar Cayce in the long period between the 31st of March, 1901, and the final days of August, 1944. When all of this is brought forth, the stature and the meaning of Edgar Cayce will be clear.

爱德加去世后,留给弗吉尼亚州海滨市有三万次解读的记录档案,协会新的工作郑重开始,从未见过通灵人有他那么大的能耐,留下如此多的案例,持续如此长的时间。科研人员从中挖掘出与其专业相关的,及其他对一般人都有用的东西。他们甚至连里面的一个字母也不放过。将这些材料梳理归类,总结这现象深藏的理论学说与形而上学,完成这样的工作可能要花上一代人的努力。成果通过协会的出版物发表,持续增长的会员从每周、每月收到的刊物中,获得爱德加·凯西自 1901 年 3 月 31 日开始,至 1944 年 8 月最后几天,如此长的时间里他潜意识中的精粹。所有这些,都让奠定了爱德加·凯西的地位,其意义也越来越清晰起来。


原文版权归 The Association for Research and Enlightenment, P.O.Box 595, Virginnia Beach, Virginia 23451 所有。

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