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试译 凯西传记《生命之河》案例   

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THE six case histories which follow illustrate the methodology of the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce in diagnosing and prescribing for physical ailments and disturbances. They do not, however, give an idea of the scope of the readings. That can be reckoned only by the measure of human misery itself. Every conceivable kind of trouble has been brought to the Cayce door since that Sunday afternoon nearly forty-three years ago when he first illustrated his powers of clairvoyance.

用如下的六个案例,来说明爱德加·凯西是如何做通灵解读,去诊治病患的。虽然这不能给解读一个清晰的说法,但可以这样来看,在几近 43 年前的那个星期天下午,有人将奇难杂症带入凯西的家门之时,他就开始发现自己本具的通灵能力。

Generally speaking, Edgar Cayce's patients are his friends. People invariably like him, and once they have met him, they do not forget him. Sometimes it is difficult for the newcomer to dissociate the impersonal information of the reading from the warm, friendly character of the medium. This is the point which Mr. Cayce, in explaining himself, first brings up, and continues to emphasize until the listener understands. “It isn't I; it isn't anything with which I have a conscious connection. But I can lead you to it. That is my function. The rest is up to you. Your attitude will govern the kind of information you get.”


This participation of the patient in the experiment, by way of mental attitude, is a point which the readings themselves constantly stress. The person who desires help, and who seeks it humbly and prayerfully, as did the patient in the first of the case histories which follow, will invariably get a better reading than the cynic who wants to be shown, or the person who has lost hope and is willing to try anything as a last resort.


Consequently those who have gotten the best results from their readings are those who have realized the spiritual implications of the experiment in which they have participated. These, for the most part, have entered into the philosophica side of the work, and gained mentally and spiritually, as well as physically. Those who have gotten least from their readings are those who have treated the phenomenon as a freak or a fad; and have but haphazardly followed the instructions given them.


Some people allow the readings to take the place of a family doctor, getting checks for everything from a bilious headache to a head cold. Others use them for emergencies which get beyond the wisdom of their doctors. Still others, the chronically ill, employ them as a sustaining aid, so that they may remain alive and active as long as possible. One woman has been getting checkups regularly for twelve years, during which time her malady has been kept under control and she has enjoyed an active physical and mental life.

有些人不再去看家庭医生了,从偏头痛到伤风,他们有什么事都来寻求解读。而另一些人有大件事时才会来问,认为他们的麻烦连有智慧的医生也都搞不掂。还有些慢性病患将他们视为靠山,持续不断来求延年益寿的办法。有位女士 20 年来一直定期来做体检,期间的病痛受到控制,她得以过上积极的生活。

The fundamental worth of a reading is, of course, the diagnosis it gives. If the phenomenon of clairvoyance is accepted as fact, the diagnosis is invariably correct. Armed with it alone, most people could get well, for the remedies for almost every trouble are known. The secondary worth of a reading is the basic, far-reaching nature of the treatment it outlines. It aims at eliminating the cause, not the effect, and it assumes for its goal a completely healthy body. For this reason it almost always gives instructions as to diet, eliminations, exercise, and rest. Consequently a great many patients, after they feel a little better, go back to their old habits of eating too much, working too hard, exercising too little, and never achieve the well-being which their readings point out as a possibility. These people waste their own and Mr. Cayce's time.


But on them, fortunately, Mr. Cayce does not have to depend. There are other cases, hundreds and hundreds of them, wherein the treatments have been faithfully followed, and the predicted results have been achieved. So that the reader may become acquainted with the step-by-step procedure in such cases, half a dozen typical examples have been selected from the files, and are hereinafter set down.




The history of this case is best told through the correspondence. It is a typical example of the daily requests for help.


Sept. 25, 1939

1939 年 9 月 25 日

Mr. Edgar Cayce
Virginia Beach, Va.


Dear Mr. Cayce:


Sometime ago. I read an article in the magazine “Health Culture,” on the wonderful work you have been doing for the past twenty-five years, diagnosing diseases through the subconscious mind. The article was from the pen of Dr. Thos. Garrett, N. Y.

前段时间,我在《养生文化》杂志(Health Culture)一篇由纽约的盖瑞特博士(Dr. Thos. Garrett)执笔的文章中,读到您通过潜意识诊治疾病,在过去的 25 年里做了出色的工作。

The article was like a ray of hope for me.


Briefly my case is this.


For the past twenty-five years, since my ordination to the priesthood in the Catholic Church, I have been engaged in the work of young missions.

在过去的 25 年,自从我授任天主教教会祭司一职,就一直从事青年布道工作。

About fifteen years ago, while at the altar, I suffered an attack that had all the appearances of epilepsy. There is no epilepsy to my knowledge in our family.

大概在 15 年前,就在圣坛前,我癫痫发作。据我所知,我的族人没有患癫痫的。

About every three to four years since that time, I have had (at the altar in all cases but one) a similar attack.


You can understand life under these circumstances is very trying, uncertainty of never knowing when an attack will come on makes life very trying. I feel like one caught in a trap. The attack is always preceded by a trembling of the hands and body, which I cannot control. Then follows a period of unconsciousness.


Knowing of the amazing gift which is yours, I am asking you to diagnose and cure my case.


Will you let me know what offering I can give you? I have very little money but will give what I can.


The article by Dr. Garrett has given me such hope. Will you kindly answer this letter at your earliest convenience? An early answer would be greatly appreciated by one who has been a constant sufferer from fear these past years.


Sincerely yours,


Sept. 27, 1939

1939 年 9 月 27 日

Dear [name]—


I have yours of the 25th and sincerely hope that with His help I may be of a service to you. Thank you for writing me. I trust I may be of a service.

你 25 日的来信已阅,我诚挚希望能以祂的名义为你效劳。感谢你给我写信,我相信我能为你提供帮助。

I would not have you pay me anything. I ask that you fill out the enclosed blank or give the information asked for on it, and if you wish to contribute anything say a Mass for my friend, a young Catholic who is in my home trying to regain his health. He was a schoolmate of my son. He is on the improve, slowly but surely, and is a lovely and competent young man.


I am sending you some data, Father. I hope you will enjoy reading it. I will appreciate any comment you may make.


Only two readings can be given each day. The time we have set for yours is the morning of the 6th of Oct., 10:30 to 11:30 EST. We ask that, if practical, you keep the hour in prayerful meditation. Please let me know if it is convenient for you to keep that hour.

我们每天只能做两次解读,为你做的时间就定在 10 月 6 日,东部时间上午十点半到十一点半。如果可以的话,请你在那一个小时里虔诚默念。请告诉我,那时你是否方便。

Thanking you and sincerely hoping to be of a service, and asking that you remember me in your prayers, I am


Sincerely yours ,
(Signed) Edgar Cayce


September 30, 1939

Dear Mr. Cayce:

1939 年 9 月 30 日


Your most welcome and cordial letter, together the readings and case histories reached me this morning.


God has endowed you with an amazing power. I am seeking that power sincerely in the hope that by a permanent cure, I may be able to give my whole life to the work of helping humanity to a better knowledge of God. This has been my work through twenty-five years in the priesthood, young Catholic Misions, trying to lead people to God.

上帝赐予你某种神奇的力量,我真诚希望您会根治我的病痛,好将我的余生奉献,去帮助人们更好地了解上帝。将人们引向神,这本来就是我 25 年来祭司和天主教青年会的工作。

Let me thank you sincerely for your kindness in making me an Associate Member free of charge in the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Rest assured I will say Mass for your good friend. Rest assured also, Mr. Cayee, I will say Mass for you, and pray for you, to the end that God may give you, through your truly wonderful faculty, the power to restore me and others to good health and a better appreciation of life's purpose.


On the morning of October 6th, I will spend the hour from 10:30 to 11:30 EST in prayerful meditation. This is the hour you have set aside for my reading.

10 月 6 日上午 10:30 到 11:30,在这您为我预留的解读时间里,我会虔诚默念。

May God bless you. You have my sincere prayers and belief in your great work.


Sincerely yours,


The reading was given on the morning of October 6, 1939. The major portion of this reading follows:

解读于 1939 年 10 月 6 日上午给出。要点如下:

“Yes, we have the body here [named]—


“As we find, the general physical forces are very good in many respects; yet there are disturbances at times which prevent the normal reactions in the body.


“These, as will be seen, arise under conditions where strain is brought on the physical forces of the body, —through the very necessity of the period of consecration.


“This is a physical condition that, as we find, may be removed or eliminated; and thus removing from the system the causes of these disturbances, also removing the necessity or cause for fear of ANY nature in relationship to same.


“In time back, there were periods when there was a depletion of the physical forces through the lack of supplying full nutriment to the system. This caused, in those areas about the lacteal and umbilical plexus, a form of lesion, —a tautness.


“Not that it affects, as yet, the liver or the spleen, or even the gall duct's activity; though eventually, without its removal, It may cause disturbances through that area.


“But with the periods of activity in which there is the refraining from foods, this becomes a retroactive condition in the physical force of the body; thus producing a spasmodic reaction in the nerve forces about the area, —causing a reaction through the sympathetic and cerebrospinal center, from the lower portion of the solar plexus center.


“Thus there is an inclination for the losing of control of the sensory forces; for it produces, from the reaction, a condition at the 1st cervical, or through the medulla oblongata, —an unbalancing, as it were, of the reflexes to the sensory centers.


“This as we find also produces in the general elimination system the inclinations at times for the lack of proper or full eliminations.


“When there has been, and is, the better or perfect accord in this direction, there is not such a great stress upon this disturbance in the right portion of the upper abdomen, —as has been indicated, —about the umbilical and lacteal duct center. Here we would find, upon examination, a COLD spot.


“In making applications for eradicating the causes, then:


“We would apply each evening, for two evenings, the heavy Castor Oil Packs; at least three thicknesses of heavy flannel, wrung out in Castor Oil, as hot as the body can stand same, and placed over the lower portion of the liver, gall duct and caecum area, —this extending, of course, to the umbilical center. Let these remain for one hour at each application, keeping the Packs hot by wringing out of the hot Castor Oil two or three times during the application.


“After the two days of applying the Packs, we would begin then with the osteopathic adjustments, —with particular reference to a subluxation as will be found indicated in the lower portion of the 9th dorsal center, or 9th, 10th and 11th. Co-ordinate such correction with the lumbar axis and the upper dorsal and cervical centers.


“There should not be required more than six adjustments to correct the condition.


“Two of the Castor Oil Packs should be sufficient, but if in the administration of the adjustments it is found that this has NOT relaxed nor removed the cold spot, then apply the Pack again.


“Then, be mindful that there are good eliminations, or a perfect or full evacuation of the alimentary canal each day.


“When necessary, use a vegetable compound as a laxative, —such as ———— or that having a senna base.


“These done, in the manners indicated, will eradicate the causes of the disturbance, and produce throughout the physical forces of the body a better and a nearer normal reaction.


“Keep that attitude of consistent help, aid for others. This is in keeping with the purposes, the desires, the heart of the entity.


“We are through for the present.”


October 9, 1939

1939 年 10 月 9 日

Dear [name]—


I hope you find the information interesting and the suggestions as beneficial as so many hundreds have found them through the years. I do not know how to thank you for your letter. I can assure you that you have brought joy to the young man here, as well as to myself. We can only hope your experience with the information will be as helpful as our own has been.


I will appreciate hearing from you. Thanking you and trusting to have been of some service, I am




October 11, 1939

1939 年 10 月 11 日

Dear Mr. Cayce:


Your reading and the suggestions for cure, also your personal letter came to me today. Thank God, and you through whom God is working, after all these years I have got, through your aid, at the root of the trouble and have had the remedies pointed out to me.


The osteopathic treatments can be secured here in————. I am just at a loss to know how to go about the application of the Castor Oil Packs. They should be applied by one who has a scientific knowledge of the areas mentioned in your reading. To go to a doctor here, who does not understand or who has no knowledge of your truly amazing power, would mean a refusal.


If you could suggest someone, who could apply those packs scientifically without the necessity of my going to a medical doctor, it would indeed solve my problem. I am so anxious to start the treatments at once.


I said Mass this morning for your good friend. I am saying Mass for you tomorrow that God may grant you many years of usefulness to mankind.


May I thank you again for your great kindness to me. I shall never forget you.




October 14, 1939

1939 年 10 月 14 日

Dear [name]—


Thank you for yours of the 11th. Let me tell you how appreciative my friend is for your saying Mass for him. I thank you also for your thoughtfulness of me.

谢谢你 11 日的来信。让我来告诉你,我的朋友是多么的感激你为他做弥撒。我同样感谢你对我的关怀。

Now don't think you have need to be disturbed about the Castor Oil Packs. You can apply them more scientifically than anyone else. This is what you do. First get a large piece of flannel, such as part of a blanket. Have it sufficiently large so that when folded three times it will cover the area from the lower portion of your right rib to the point of the hip on the same side and to the center of the abdomen and half round the right side to the spine. Heat sufficient oil so that you can wring the folded cloth out in it. When the oil gets very warm it is messy. Then, after wringing out the flannel in the old, apply it directly to the body. Have other cloths and a piece of oilcloth to cover the flannel, so that it may not spoil the bed clothing. Apply it as warm as you can stand it. Then turn on your electric pad, and lie still for the time indicated. I am sure you can do this.


Where this treatment has been recommended it has been most effective and I am sure it will prove so for you. When you are ready to take the Oil Pack off, sponge the area covered by oil with a little warm soda water. This cleanses very nicely.


If I haven't been explicit enough, please don't hesitate to ask me about it.


You know I will be anxious to hear how you come along with the osteopath.


We can give the osteopath many references here in the states if he wishes them.


Thank you again. I hope that I have been of help in His name.




December 18, 1939

1939 年 12 月 18 日

Dear Mr. Cayce:


I am so happy to report to you that I have taken the treatments indicated in your reading for my case. Today I finish my sixth osteopathic treatment. The osteopath thinks several more adjustments are necessary to fully restore my body to complete normalcy.


My Christmas greetings to you are these. May God spare you many more years to carry on the good work. I am deeply grateful to you for your kindness. I am sure as I read (and I do often) your letter (my reading) that now I can go on in the full hope that there will be no reoccurrence of the attacks that have made each day an uncertain problem.


Since I began this letter, I have received your lovely Christmas greeting. God bless you with continued health and usefulness. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy New Year.




December 20, 1939

1939 年 12 月 20 日

Dear [name]—


Thank you for yours of the 18th. To feel that I may have been privileged to be the channel for some help or aid to you, is indeed a real Christmas to me, and I can only give humble thanks for this opportunity. I sincerely hope you took sufficient of the Oil Packs to break up the adhesions which were described as the basis of the trouble. With this accomplished, the adjustments from the osteopath will really be more helpful.

谢谢你 18 日的来信。我觉得能为你提供帮助,这是我的荣幸,特别是在圣诞节即将来临的时候,我只能谦卑地感谢你给了我这个机会。我真诚希望你做够油敷,去消除你那麻烦的根源,这对正骨治疗大有帮助。

I am enclosing two pieces of work by my friend. He is still with us, and is looking forward to having his wife and baby with him tomorrow through Christmas Day. He is very happy about this, to be sure. Slowly but surely he is improving, and if it be His will he will continue until he is again in normal health. He is capable of making so many people happy through his work.


Thanking you for your prayers and blessings, and wishing that all that is good and true be yours, I am






On April 25, 1941, a request was made for a report on the case. The following letter was received with the case report.

到 1941 年 4 月 25 日,对这个案做了回访。以下是回信及“个案报告”。

April 28, 1941

1941 年 4 月 28 日

Dear Mr. Cayce:


I am just in receipt of your letter. Let me state that I am a sure my cure is permanent. To say I am grateful to you is only half stating my feelings. I pray for you daily that God may extend your life into many years to be of service to mankind.


I did not write chiefly for two reasons. First, I wished the element of time to prove my cure was permanent. Second, I was engaged in war work that precluded many times the possibility of correspondence.


It must be a source of great comfort to you to know you are doing so much good for humanity. Let me tell you, I will never forget your kindness to me. May God bless you always.






Date of Reading October 6th, 1939.
Case No. 2019

解读日期:1939 年 10 月 6 日



(1) In your opinion did the analysis of the Reading cover
the condition?
Ans. Yes.


(2) Give symptoms of the condition described.
Ans. Attacks over a period of nine years. These attacks looked like epilepsy. They occurred about twice a year for the period stated above.

回答“发病已有 9 年多时间,看起来像是癫痫。这期间,一年大概发病两次。”

(3) What was the physician's analysis of this condition?
Ans. Attacks had all the appearances of epilepsy.


(4) Have the suggestions given in the reading been followed exactly as outlined?
Ans. Yes.


(5) For how long?
Ans. For the period stated in the reading.


(6) Describe the extent to which improvements have resulted.
Ans. Complete cure, as far as I can judge, after the lapse of almost two years.


(7) Comment.
Ans. I wish to state my deep gratitude to Mr. Cayce.


Date April 28, 1941.
Signed (name)

日期:1941 年 4 月 28 日



This case is not presented with the idea of furnishing additional proof of the accuracy of the Physical Readings, for much of the information regarding the condition was given in the letter requesting the reading. Yet, detailed conditions described in the reading which were not given in the letters cannot be ignored—(1) bad eliminations, (2) a cold spot about the umbilical and lacteal duct center, (3) subluxations of the 9th, 10th and 11th dorsals.

(3)腰椎第 9、10、11 节半脱位

The treatment outlined was simple and logical, evidently meeting this body's specific needs.


A bridge of mental attunement was set up through the seeking on the part of the priest, the offering of this help by Edgar Cayce, and the prayer and meditation at the time the reading was given.




This is the case study of a young woman eighteen years old, who had a critical attack of Intestinal Fever.

这是一位得了极重肠热病的 18 岁女孩。

Before her first emergency reading was given on September 21, 1935, she had had two previous physical readings: one in 1927, and another in February, 1935.

在 1935 年 9 月 21 日给她做第一次紧急解读之前,已经为她做过两次身体解读,一次在 1927 年,另一次在 1935 年 2 月。

The request for this emergency reading was made by telephone. The condition at the time the reading was given was afterwards described in a report submitted by Miss L. K. We quote from this report:

这次紧急解读是电话请求的。解读所讲的症状,在由患者 LK 小姐事后呈交的报告中有所描述。我们引述这份报告:

“I was taken with chills and a high fever. After taking the medicine given by the physician for what he termed malaria, the condition became worse, causing excessive vomiting. I could not retain anything, not even water. Then, I began to suffer with pains in my chest, abdomen, and right side. There was such a burning sensation in my stomach that it felt as if it were on fire, and this condition spread up into the chest.


“The physicians diagnosed the condition variously as malaria fever, malta fever, colitis, gastritis, and typhoid fever. One of the physicians stated it was appendicitis but after we received the readings, we knew from them that it was the inflammation that was causing the severe pain in the right side in the region of the appendix.”


The telephone request indicated that this young woman was in a coma, and was not expected to live through the night. The seriousness of her condition was confirmed in the reading which follows:




A.M. Sept. 21, 1935.

1935 年 9 月 21 日午前

“Yes, we have the body here; this we have had before.


“Conditions are very serious in the physical forces of this body, and the causes are from temperature that arises from infectious forces.


“In the present we find the stomach is affected, or the duodenum . . . the infections from same to stomach. The greater distress is in the upper portion of jejunum, or in those cords that connect the intestines themselves through the lymph and emunctory circulation of same.

“目前我们看见胃和十二指肠 ~ 受到同样的感染。空肠的上段,与之相连的肠道,通过淋巴和血液循环,而受到更大的危害。

“These are infectious forces, and unless there is an allaying, peritonitis must come and the inflammations that arise from same . . . and disintegration.

“有感染,除非有办法消除,必然随之引发腹膜炎 ~ 要消炎。

“As we find in the present, we would apply over the abdominal area the grape poultice; the raw grapes crushed with hulls, in a thin cloth container and applied over the stomach and abdomen.


“We would massage gently the areas from which all these portions of the system obtain their impulses, with a combination of equal parts Olive Oil, Russian White Oil, Compound Tincture of Benzoin and Witchhazel. Shake these well together, and let the massage extend particularly over the upper dorsal and cervical area . . . but extend gradually over the whole area, if the body responds at all.

“我们要轻揉按摩所有能让身体恢复生机的部位,配合等量的橄榄油、俄罗斯白油、安息香和金缕梅复方酊剂,将其混和摇匀。特别要从上背部和颈部按摩开来 ~ 除了敷葡萄藤的部位,即是身体没有丝毫反应。

“We would find that burned whisky and then an eggnog made of same would be preferable for the diets in the present; this, of course, with small quantity given often, allowed to sip just a bit.


“These, as we find, would be the conditions as best.


“It would be well that the lower limbs, across the lower portion of the abdomen . . . that is, on the spine, not on the abdomen itself (sacral-lumbar), be massaged with grain alcohol, not rub alcohol but grain alcohol, to strengthen the body and yet allay temperature.

“对于下肢,胃部以下的部位,这样做就很好 ~ 而脊椎不在腹部之内(腰椎骶),要用酒精来按摩,不能用消毒酒精,要用谷物酒精。这对身体有好处,也能降低体温。

“These we would do for the immediate present.


“As conditions respond, or should they respond, it will be necessary . . . of course . . . that very small enemas be given at first. These will keep down the temperature and are the best to allay inflammation through the colon area; then the colonic may be given later. But do not give these too high at first; gradually increase. Use a warm soda solution in the first, followed with the Glyco-Thymoline in the solution . . . or the Alkalin Petrolagar (or alternated). These given every day or two will tend to make for better conditions.

“看现在的反应,以及后续反应,就知有必要 ~ 当然 ~ 先做极轻度的灌肠,通过结肠去降低体温,这有利于消炎。先用暖和的苏打水灌入结肠,开始时不能灌得太高,要逐次加量。然后在灌液中添加 Glyco-Thymoline ~ 或添加 Alkalin Petrolagar(也可以两种交替着用)。最好一日或隔日做一次。

“Ready for questions.”


Q-1. “What should be done in regard to treatment being given by the doctors?”


A-1. “There's little being given except nursing, and sedatives . . . which are not allaying.


“The Oil Rubs, the Packs, as we find, are the better.


“Of course, the grape poultice is not to be heated. This should be, changed about every hour, or as soon as the pack becomes heated by the body. Renew the crushed grapes, and keep up the packs for two or three, or four to five hours at the time. Then rest, and then give them again. Just crush the grapes in a cloth, or make so the pack extends over the whole of the abdomen and the stomach.


“The Oil Rubs should be given two to three times a day. Do not disturb the body, just turn gently on the side and massage just what the body will absorb. Shake the ingredients well together, because they'll separate.


“But these, as we find, are best for the conditions.


“It's very serious, and the peritonitis is that to be warned against.


“Hence very mild foods, and the stimulation more by absorption . . . which is, of course, the effect from the grain alcohol rubs and the burned whisky with only the yolk of the egg and a little milk.”

“记住,非常温和的食物更容易吸收 ~ 所以,要用酒精擦身和用威士忌煮牛奶蛋黄。”

Q-2. “How often should the grain alcohol rubs be given?”


A-2. “Two to three times a day, as indicated, with the other oil rub. One is on the upper portion, the other is the lower.


“We are through for the present.”




P.M. Sept, 21, 1935.

1935 年 9 月 21 日午后

“Yes, we have had the body here before.


“As we find, conditions are still very serious. While there are those reactions that apparently make for bloating or swelling, the reactions are not bad if there is the ability to get the reaction through the alimentary canal now.


“We would give immediately a Soda Solution Enema, with the Petrolagar enema following same. This we would repeat again in at least five or six hours, if there is the response.

“我们即刻要用苏打水灌肠,接着用 Petrolagar 灌肠。有无反应,隔五六小时都要做。

“Compound or combine this for the nausea, which will work with the system:


Limewater …… 1/2 ounce
Cinnamon water …… 1/2 ounce
10% Solution Iodide of Potassium …… 15 minims
10% Solution Bromide of Potassium …… 30 minims

15 量滴的 10% 碘化钾溶液
30 量滴的 10% 溴化钾溶液

Shake the solution together. Give a teaspoonful in two teaspoonsful of water. Let it be sipped rather than attempt to be swallowed every two hours.

“将之摇韵,倒一茶匙入两茶匙水中,每 2 小时呷服一次,不要冲服。

“We would keep the poultice and the rub. These are the best stimulants as we find for the body in the present.


“Ready for questions.”


Q-1. “How much water should be used for the enema?”


A-1. “A quart of tepid water for the first, with a level tablespoonful of baking soda. A pint of tepid water for the last, with a tablespoonful of Petrolagar.”

回答:“第一次,用一夸脱的温水,加入一大汤匙量的小苏打。第二次,用一品脱温水,加入一大汤匙 Petrolagar。”

Q-2. “Should the grape poultice be kept up constantly now?”


A-2. “As indicated, keep it on for two or three hours; rest an hour, and then repeat again.”


Q-3. “Would a transfusion be of any benefit?”


A-3. “We do not find it so in the present conditions.”


Q-4. “Have the suggestions been followed in the correct manner?”


A-4. “Very good; best they can under the conditions.”


Q-5. “Any particular kind of water the body should drink?”


A-5. “Just the plain water, boiled.”




Sept. 22, 1935.

1935 年 9 月 22 日

“Yes, we have the body here; this we have had before.


“Conditions continue to be very serious. There is the necessity of removing those conditions through the alimentary canal. As we find, this is the only hope to relieve the pressure, as has been indicated . . . and carrying out same as has been indicated.

“情况仍然非常危急。有必要通过消化道改善这种状况。正如我们所见,纾缓压力是唯一的希望 ~ 这之前说过。

“To be sure, there are weakening conditions, and the ecruciating pains that come make for the rising of disturbing condition.


“But we would tend to be higher and higher with the enemas, and to make for the easing through the applications as given.


“Ready for questions.”


Q-1. “How often may the enemas be given?”


A-1. “They may be given, as we have indicated, every few hours, until there is the manner of allowing the gases to be eliminated . . . and the increasing forces that accumulate in the system from absorption to those conditions there to be prevented.”

回答:“正如我们之前的指示,每几个小时要做一次,直到不再胀气 ~ 以缓冲体内慢慢积累的那股力量。”

Q-2. “Should a colon tube be used, or an ordinary nozzle to a syringe?”


A-2. “A soft colon tube; one that does not allow too great a quantity of water or pressure from the end . . . let the pressure be more from the side than the end.”

回答:“用结肠软管;容量无需太大,在一端加压的那种 ~ 将压力传到另一端。”

Q-3. “Is there any warning regarding giving the enemas?”


A-3. “The warnings have been given, as to how there should not be given too much water at once. Rather allow the reactions to take place in the system, if possible.”


Q-4. “Should all other treatments be kept up?”


A-4. “As indicated, these are the only conditions that may suffice . . . if there will be the response.”

回答:“如前所述,这已经足够了 ~ 无论身体有无反应。”

Q-5. “Any other helpful suggestions for the body, or advice to those attending same?”


A-5. “Be consistent and patient with those activities, and trust in that that it may respond in the body.”


Q-6. “Has peritonitis set up yet?”


A-6. “The inflammation has increased; It has not broken as yet.”


Q-7. “Has the body responded at all to the treatments?”


A-7. “If it hadn't, it would have passed long ago!”


Q-8. “Any advice regarding any stimulants?”


A-8. “The greater stimulants, as we have indicated. should be those things given; as we find, that may be absorbed at all.


“Of course, the massaging gently . . . of the area over the abdomen will be helpful; with that which would be absorbed to remove inflammation.”

“当然,轻揉按摩 ~ 腹部区域,这有好处,帮助消炎。”

Q-9. “What should be used for the abdomen massage?”


A-9. “Oil; Olive Oil.”


“We are through for the present.”




Sept. 23, 1935.

1935 年 9 月 23 日

“Yes, we have the body here; this we have had before.


“Still conditions are very serious, but . . . as we find . . . there are greater chances for the recuperative forces with the body; for she has responded somewhat to those applications made.

“情况仍然非常危急,但是 ~ 正如我们所见 ~ 康复的机会加大了,她才有这些反应。

“It is still necessary that the eliminations through the alimentary canal be continued, even though . . . if there is still the response . . . these will have the appearance of too great an activity, or for a time appear not under control. Still it will be well that there be used the enemas. Now we would change these just a little bit:

“仍有必要继续通过消化道来治疗,尽管 ~ 因为仍然有些症状 ~ 表现得太过活跃,或这么久还未得到控制,最好还是继续做灌肠,这次我们稍稍有变:

“With the soda solution add a little saline solution, that there may be a stimulation to the mucous membranes without same becoming too lax in the reaction. To the quart of water used, add a heaping teaspoonful of soda and a level teaspoonful of salt (table salt). And in the last water change from the Petrolagar to Glyco-Thymoline, a tablespoonful to the pint and a half of water. These should be given every four or five hours, until there is a thorough relaxation through the alimentary canal.

“在苏打水中加少许盐水,这可以刺激粘膜,不至于过分腹泻。用一夸脱的水,加入满一茶匙苏打和满一茶匙盐(食盐)。第二次,将 Petrolagar 换成 Glyco-Thymoline,一汤匙的量,加入 1.5 品脱的水中。每四五小时重复做,直到通过消化道而得到彻底舒缓。

“Still use the grape poultices, but make these a little farther apart; and let these extend from the pit of the stomach to the lower portion of the abdomen, over the whole of the intestinal tract and stomach.


It would be well to have right away a gentle massage osteothically, stimulating especially the secondary cardiac plexus area; that there may be the emptying of the stomach itself from the stimulation. This should be given very gently. Co-ordinate the lumbar (4th lumbar) plexus with this, gently, that there may be the stimulation for the secondary activity of0the kidneys and the lower portion of the abdominal area. This we would give about twice a day for the next two or three days.

“准确轻揉的正骨按摩,特别是二级心脏神经丛这部位,会对身体有好的刺激,会刺激到胃部自动排空,应该非常轻揉地按摩。如是处理(第 4 节)腰椎神经丛,这将刺激到肾脏和较低的部分的腹部,会重新激活这些器官。我们要在未来的两三天,每天如是处理两次。

“After the first manipulations have been given osteopathically, prepare an Alcaroid solution . . . a quarter teaspoonful to half a glass of water . . . and let this be sipped every few minutes; ten to fifteen minutes apart, until the whole quantity . . . or that left . . . can be retained by the body. This will change the reaction from the tendency for regurgitation and emit through the stomach itself. This will prevent these strains now, if there are the reactions from the manipulative forces. For the reaction will turn to the chyle activity.

“肾脏部位的按摩之后,准备一份 Alcaroid 溶液 ~ 四分之一茶匙混半杯水 ~ 每过几分钟抿服,中间隔十至十五分钟,直到服完 ~ 或剩一点 ~ 身体能吞得下。通过胃自身的返流和溢出趋势,身体反应会有所改变,无论有无反应,将防止出现劳损,会使帮助消化的乳糜分泌活跃。

“Then there may be a little stimulation given in the crushed grapes; that is, the juice only of crushed grapes. Not the same as used for the poultice, but the same character of grapes as used for the poultice. The colder this may be the better; just a little of this will be found to be retained . . . after there has been given the Alcaroid solution and it has been retained.

“还有就是,给她服食捣碎的葡萄会有些许刺激,所有,只能喂汁液。用法虽不同,但和葡萄藤敷疗有相同功效。凉一点更好,会看到她只能喝一点点~服 Alcaroid 液之后喂服。

“Keep the oil rubs for the upper portion of the spine and the alcohol (grain alcohol) rubs for the lower spine; for these will be absorbed by the system.


“Keep the Olive Oil massage over the abdominal area during the rest periods from the grape poultice.


“These, as we find, are the best for the present.


“Ready for questions.”


Q-1. “How long now should they wait between the poultices?”


A-1. “Hour and a half to two hours; that's between each one.”


Q-2. “But they should be given for several hours straight along as indicated at first?”


A-2. “We have given, just given, that there is to be a rest period after each grape poultice! Let it stay on the body until it becomes hot, or very warm even to the outside. Then remove and wait an hour and a half to two hours before replacing with another; using the Olive Oil massage during the rest period from same. Let the poultice extend from the esophagus end, or the cardiac end of the stomach to the lower portion . . . or to the caecum area and the ileum plexus area, across the whole of the abdomen and stomach and bowels.”

回答:“我们已经说过,刚说的,是葡萄藤敷之后要有的那个停顿间隔!敷在身体它会变热,会变得比常温暖好多,就要将敷药丢弃。等一个半到两小时再换新的敷药。这期间用橄榄油按摩。把敷药敷开来,到从食管或心脏那端到下腹部 ~ 或到盲肠和回肠丛那个部位,覆住胃部的整个腹部。”

Q-3. “Do the capsules the doctor inserts in the rectum, and the powder given, hinder or help?”


A-3. “They don't remain there long enough to do either! Don't refuse these, if they are necessary according to the docter, but use the enemas as indicated . . . and if the time comes so that these are removed by the enemas, as right!

回答:“医生没时间搞这些!如果医生认为有此必要,就不要拒绝。但是,要依指示去做灌肠 ~ 如果到了不需再做灌肠的时候,这才合适!

“The manipulative forces, now, are to stimulate the activity of the nerve forces and blood supply to the digestive area, and those portions where there is the inflammation. Not too severe. Twice a day these should be given for the next few days. Stimulate the cardiac and secondary cardiac plexus, co-ordinating such stimulation to the lumbar area.


“To be sure, the head and neck may be massaged for the general rest of the body; but these manipulations as indicated are to empty the stomach; not to make adjustments but to stimulate the plexus so that the activity of the gastric flow is downward and to prevent regurgitation.


“Twenty to thirty minutes after taking the manipulative forces, begin with the Alcaroid solution. Do not attempt to swallow too much. Do not be overanxious that the body is weak, or that it does not retain nourishment . . . if the oil rubs and the other things are provided.

“如是处理 20 至 30 分钟后,喂服 Alcaroid 液。别想她能吞得下太多,不要急于求成,她身体如此虚弱,这里面也没有多少营养 ~ 用油和其他东西按摩会有所帮助。

“Then begin with the grape juice (from the crushed fresh grapes, not grape juice that has been allowed to stand). This may be strained; not seasoned with sugar or the like, but just the natural fresh juice. Gradually, later, there may be mixed orange juice with same, half and half; but use the grape juice first . . . from the fresh crushed grapes.

“接着喂服葡萄汁(用新鲜葡萄榨汁,不是那种现成的),要将渣过滤掉,不要加糖之类的东西,只要纯自然的新鲜汁液。慢慢,到后期,加橙汁,一半一半,但开始时要用葡萄汁 ~ 用新鲜葡萄榨汁。

“These will be assimilated, and obtain from the absorption of the oil and the alcohol (grain alcohol) rubs the proper reaction.


“Do these.


“We are through for the present.”


We do not often find such a comment as is contained in one of these early readings indicating the nearness of death.


The seriousness of this condition was confirmed not only by statements from members of the family, but by several physicians who were called in for consultation by the family doctor. This young woman was well known in a small community. The street in front of her home had been roped off for a block. In a local church, prayer services were being held for her. The doctors had commented to people in the town that L. K. could not possibly live for more than a day or so.

情况的严重性,不仅在她的家庭成员的言语中得到证实,更见于医生的会诊报告中。这个小社区里的人都认识这位年轻女士。她家前面的街道已经用绳子围出来一块,本地教堂的信众来为她祈祷。医生告诉小镇的人,L.K. 不可能再多活一天了。



Other readings were secured on September 25th, September 28, and October 4th. Suggestions in these readings were along the same general lines as those previously given, with additional information regarding the diet as the body grew stronger.

在 9 月 25 日、28 日和 10 月 4 日还做过解读。一如之前给出的意见,再附带补充一些让身体恢复的饮食建议。



The outstanding part of the treatment recommended in this case seems to have been a grape poultice. These poultices have been recommended most successfully in many other conditions of intestinal inflammation combined with the massages and enemas, and later the osteopathic stimulations. These seem to have been the means of saving this young woman's life. Crates of Concord grapes were rushed in from a near-by city to be used for this purpose.




On June 15, 1937, we received the following report from L.K.:

1937 年 6 月 15 日,我们收到来自 L.K. 如下的一份报告:

“Under the care of six physicians I failed to respond to their treatment, and was gradually growing worse.


“I responded immediately to the treatments recommended in an emergency reading obtained from Edgar Cayce on September 21, 1935.

“而 1935 年 9 月 21 日爱德加·凯西紧急解读所给出的治疗方案,即时就有反应。

“I am now able to eat anything that is included in my diet, and in better physical condition than before my illness. I have not had any recurrence of malaria fever or gastritis.”


Under date of October 3, 1937, we have a report from the osteopath, who was called in to give the massages which were recommended. This report states that in her opinion the reading described the condition of the patient accurately. She states that the results of the treatments recommended were splendid.

我们手头有一份 1937 年 10 月 3 日依建议而请来做按摩的正骨医生的报告。报告指出,解读描述的病情,与现场诊断无丝毫差异。并指出,依建议的治疗效果极佳。

At the present time this young woman is in the best of health and has had no further complications of an intestinal nature.



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